360° Leadership Survey and Coaching Session

The 360° Leadership Survey, a well‐known method for gathering feedback from members of an individual’s immediate work circle, measures a manager’s style and effectiveness as a leader. The 360° method allows key associates to tell managers what they are doing right and what they can do even better. The Leadership Survey is both a powerful performance evaluation and a challenging development experience for leaders.
Both the manager and associates rate how well he or she is doing when it comes to important
leadership responsibilities, such as:

• Encouraging open communication
• Setting clear objectives
• Building good working relationships
• Staying available to others
• Holding people accountable

The manager, and up to 10 associates, can complete the 360° Leadership Survey. Once the survey results are compiled, we’ll meet via phone for 60–90 minutes to discuss the feedback
and outline key improvement actions.

Cost: $600

Please contact us to get started today!

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